The call for sustainability and environmentally friendly alternatives in our lives is growing louder and louder. If we want to protect our planet in the future, we must make progress and rely on pollutant-free products.

brezeasy® is an innovative and unique disinfectant with a wide range of effects.

Become a partner in the brezeasy® partner program and help to establish environmentally friendly and material-compatible disinfection as a new hygiene standard and at the same time benefit from it.

Our network supports social projects and sees itself as a visionary when it comes to promoting pollutant-free disinfection concepts for complex disinfection processes, such as surface disinfection.

  • a commission between 5 - 10% CPO
  • very competitive market price for product with unique selling point
  • Commissions and recommendations clearly available in the back office
  • 30 days cookie term
  • support environmental protection by renouncing "chemical culls"
  • direct contact person
  • modern product with environmentally friendly properties
  • Provision of advertising materials and product information
  • ideal as a co-product to existing offer portfolios

Especially for you as an entrepreneur with outstanding sales characteristics, it is important to have a product provided that manages to arouse the emotions of the customer and speak for itself.

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Almost all disinfectant products on the market contain isopropanol (prophyl alcohol), triclosan or benzalkonium chloride as active ingredient. These can damage both the material to be disinfected and lead to skin irritation of the users.

brezeasy® offers an alternative: the same effectiveness, but completely natural in production. The so-called ECA principle provides a highly effective disinfection solution made from salt and water, from which users and customers benefit greatly.

Our product is both suitable as a co-product to your previous sales activities and strong enough to act as a single product.

Do you sell sports equipment, fitness concepts, sun banks or physio & rehab equipment?

Take the opportunity not only to achieve an attractive return with a 2-level sales network, but also to work for sustainability and environmental protection.

You are interested in sustainable concepts and environmental protection does not end up for you when buying organic products in the supermarket? Welcome to brezeasy®! If you have always felt unwell when using disinfectants, then you should definitely read on.

Almost all products on the market contain isopropanol (prophyl alcohol), triclosan or benzalkonium chloride as active ingredients. These products represent an immense burden on the environment, are harmful to materials and can also cause skin irritation, as well as allergic reactions.

brezeasy® offers you an environmentally friendly and pollutant-free alternative to conventional disinfectants. It has the same effectiveness, but is completely natural in manufacture. The so-called ECA principle is a highly effective disinfection solution made of salt and water, from which users and customers benefit greatly.

You are an influencer, salesperson, hygiene officer of your family, lateral thinker or just a world improver? We are happy to attract you as a strong partner in our sales network and to teach you more about our product.