Our mission: modern and vegan textile hygiene for your lifestyle

Modern textile hygiene with brezeasy – from today and for tomorrow.

Hygiene is a matter of course for us in everyday life. Every day we use a variety of products to make us feel comfortable. Every day we use hygiene products without knowing exactly what ingredients and additives they actually contain. Very often it is precisely these that damage our health and above all our environment. Harmful residues of disinfectants and other hygiene and care products have long been detectable on all conceivable surfaces and thus indirectly enter households, food and water bodies.

With our products we adapt hygiene completely to your needs. We offer you a well thought-out & vegan alternative to conventional disinfectants. Optimized tolerability and strong effectiveness will help you fight bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as bad odours every day, in any situation and whenever it comes down to it.

Almost all products on the market contain alcohols, quaternary ammonium compounds (QAV’s/QAD’s) such as benzalkonium chloride or triclosan as active ingredients. These products can be an immense burden on the environment and are also surface-damaging when used incorrectly and often lead to skin irritation, as well as allergic reactions.

With brezeasy® we make it possible for you to experience modern hygiene with a new consciousness.

In addition to the optimal properties for your hygiene, you do without unnecessary pollutants and actively support the future – at home, at work, on the road or in technically complex applications!

Our vision is to help us all achieve a cleaner future with our hygiene products.