Home sweet home. Or is it not?

The reliable disinfectant solution for household textiles

Who does not know this one comfortable couch on which everyone feels comfortable and on which you have spent what feels like half your life. Or the pillow of your partner with whom you went through “thick & thin”. We spend a lot of our life with textiles such as sofas, cushions, carpets, curtains and drapes or even cuddly toys.

In order to achieve long-term use of these popular household textiles, in addition to regular use, the hygiene factor is particularly important, because they are able to produce odors and fungi. Roommates such as dogs and cats also influence this feel-good factor.

With brezeasy As a modern disinfectant solution, you can reliably disinfect all your household textiles.

Textile hygiene is a matter of trust!

  • Eliminates germs, fungi & bacteria

  • Neutralizes smells

  • Prevents skin infections

  • Without alcohol

Customer feedback

Our satisfied customers trust brezeasy

I regularly treat everything related to household textiles in the apartment brezeasy . Just have a better feeling and can be sure that no fungi or bacteria will form. It also removes stubborn odors, for that alone it is worth its weight in gold.

AnneHappy with<strong> brezeasy</strong>