brezeasy® STRONG 250ml

The strong & fast hygiene for your sports textiles, your sports equipment and all textiles at home. Even if it has to be done quickly, our handy 250 ml bottle with a precise spray head provides you with an effective and at the same time material-friendly hygiene product, an antibacterial effect and pleasant textile refreshment without added fragrances. With brezeasy® STRONGbad smell and bacteria have no chance any longer! You are not only protected from unwanted germs, but also from unwanted pollutants and additives thanks to our modern and vegan formulation. brezeasy® STRONG is a vegan and absolutely biological disinfectant. With every use, you consciously avoid high concentrations of ingredients that pollute the environment. A refreshing breeze that is your daily companion.

Original price was: €11,95.Current price is: €8,95.

Original price was: €11,95.Current price is: €8,95.

Includes 19% Umsatzsteuer
(35,80 / 1 L)
Delivery Time: approx. 48 hours

Weight: 0.305kg | Ingredients: Hypochloric acid | BAuaNo: 92559 | Application: Shoes, Sports Shoes & Sports Wear & Equipment, Household Textiles | Application EMS: EMS Vests, Electrodes, Underwear, Tablets, Surfaces, EMS Spray Systems

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Disinfect bacteria viruses mold spores MRSA safely and reliably