Coronavirus, prevention and good hygiene for EMS Studios & CrossFit boxes

Responsibility to customers and employees

Due to current events, the topic of hygiene in the studio has become a central topic for the EMS training and crossfit scene. It has recently become known that conventional hygiene solutions are insufficient to adequately protect trainers and exercisers from the coronavirus or flu viruses. It is currently assumed that the general public has no reason to panic. Nevertheless, we should regard the steadily increasing number of coronavirus diseases as a kind of warning. It is time to address a key industry problem.

Inadequate hygiene concepts discovered in many German EMS studios and Crossfit boxes

After many discussions with studio operators, one thing can be determined: when it comes to hygiene, pretty much all sports and wellness facilities in Europe are left pretty much alone. The need for a hygiene agent that effectively combats bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and algae (water sports) AND odor development is not met. No well-tried product offers this necessary combination. Not to mention the material compatibility required for the expensive equipment, as well as skin compatibility for users. Many chemical clubs can do this in the studio Not GUARANTEE .


In fact, all sports facilities run the risk of being inadequately equipped to offer customers and trainers an adequately hygienic environment. Aside from virus hype and unpleasant smells, this is not a sustainable state. Good hygiene should be available to everyone. Especially when the solution to the problem is so obvious. Because agents based on sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid protect efficiently against coronaviruses and flu pathogens. As a disinfectant, brezeasy combines the strength of these two active ingredients, sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid (HOCL). An effective and at the same time material-friendly protection against coronaviruses, bacteria, flu and other germs is already available for you.

The problem with the market …

There are hundreds of disinfection products available on the market. However, their range of effects is often too small or inadequate to be practically used in sports facilities. How should a studio work hygienically if a biocide damages or destroys all equipment within a few months? How should a fitness studio implement good hygiene if the product purchased only works against bacteria? To put it briefly: to this day, the market has forced all operators, whether more or less consciously, to compromise.

We at brezeasy have made it our mission to remedy this situation! In the following you will learn to arm yourself against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Here are our tips for your studio

1. Good hand hygiene / wash hands

In addition to surfaces, the hands are the number one transmission route for pathogens. Washing hands after every customer contact, touching money or after going to the toilet are the minimum to ensure good hygiene. It is strongly recommended to wash your hands before eating food in order to avoid the transport of pathogens to the mucous membranes. In general, hands should not be brought to the face, nose, eyes or mouth without first washing them. The use of disposable handkerchiefs, which are then disposed of immediately, is also strongly recommended for sneezing or blowing your nose. In an emergency, use the crook of your elbow to dampen sneezing.

EMS studios and crossfit boxes are an extreme special case! Here, rental equipment is used that is shared between the customers! Textile hygiene and surface hygiene are just as high a priority as hand hygiene in everyday life.

2. Good surface hygiene with an approved disinfectant with a broad spectrum of activity

As already mentioned, it is imperative to ensure that it is sufficiently effective. The virucidal component is currently in the foreground. Nevertheless, in the future, too, a sufficient range of effectiveness will protect exercisers and trainers and ensure a pleasant training environment without odors and germs.
Thanks to the high material compatibility of brezeasy, you can effortlessly spray all hygienically relevant surfaces and wipe them off if necessary. If the potential for infection is high, we recommend that you brezeasy® STRONG or brezeasy® SUPPORT to be used in a dosage of more than 20% (as recommended in daily operation).

3. Upgrade your sprayer to moisten against bacteria and viruses

Sprayer for moistening can also be filled with brezeasy Support as a hygiene prophylaxis. Because unlike many other products that are on the market, it has brezeasy® SUPPORT the drinking water approval of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). brezeasy® SUPPORT thus offers you tested hygiene according to the highest standard, also in your sprayer.

4. Disinfect vests and textiles against bacteria, viruses and fungi after each training session

Pollutant residues on sports textiles

Cleaning an EMS vest

It is essential to disinfect the EMS vests between each training session and customer contact in order to prevent the spread of pathogens. It is advisable to spray all parts of the EMS vest and the EMS suit. Wiping after 30 seconds is beneficial to remove sweat and other body fluids. Even if the vest is disinfected, wiping it off supports hygienic cleaning and disinfection.

5. Wash textiles regularly

Regular washing with a gentle and effective detergent prevents the spread of germs in EMS and Crossfit studios.
In combination with brezeasy Wash is suitable brezeasy® SUPPORT ideal to ensure the hygienic cleaning of EMS and sports textiles in the washing machine. The combination kills all bacteria and creates a pleasant smell for vests and co. First of all, brezeasy Wash removes dirt and stains from the textiles and prepares all fibers for the antibacterial effect of brezeasy Support.

It works like this: You give breazeasy® WASH like your previous detergent in the washing machine and set the standard program. brezeasy® SUPPORT then comes directly into the drum as a hygiene additive, dosed appropriately. At 30-40 degrees the combination unfolds the best effect and at the same time protects the valuable textiles. Repeatedly, you offer all your customers and staff optimal hygienic equipment.