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Skin Irritant Disinfectants – How Dangerous Are They Really?

Allergic reactions and skin irritation from disinfectants? What the state of research says about additives and pollutants in disinfectants:   Cleaning of crossfit equipment and sports clothing We agree that cleaning EMS equipment or the equipment in your Crossfit box is one of the daily tasks. EMS vests and underwear as well as other sports […]

Coronavirus, prevention and good hygiene for EMS Studios & CrossFit boxes

Responsibility to customers and employees Due to current events, the topic of hygiene in the studio has become a central topic for the EMS training and crossfit scene. It has recently become known that conventional hygiene solutions are insufficient to adequately protect trainers and exercisers from the coronavirus or flu viruses. It is currently assumed […]

EMS vests cleaning and material damage due to incorrect disinfectants

How to destroy your EMS equipment. Material damage due to disinfectant residues from hygiene and disinfectant cleaners in the area of Ems training   The cleaning of the EMS vests is one of the daily tasks of every EMS studio. However, unwanted mistakes happen here every day. These can be detrimental for studio operators or […]

EMS Academy as the first German coaching partner for EMS Studios

EMS Academy and brezeasy cooperation. Modern hygiene and modern training courses go with the market Innovative solutions and digital concepts are enjoying increasing popularity. When selecting our business partners, we also rely on innovative, goal-oriented and dynamic companies in order to meet the growing and changing requirements of the rapidly developing markets. This is how […]

I-motion EMS Germany is the first official partner of brezeasy®

With i-motion EMS, brezeasy® proudly announces its first official partner in the textile hygiene segment for EMS-based training concepts.   “With i-motion EMS we have won one of the innovation leaders in the industry. The concept was presented to our team in detail by Mr. Christian Fiedler, the managing director for D / A / […]