EMS Academy as the first German coaching partner for EMS Studios

EMS Academy and brezeasy cooperation.

Modern hygiene and modern training courses go with the market

Innovative solutions and digital concepts are enjoying increasing popularity. When selecting our business partners, we also rely on innovative, goal-oriented and dynamic companies in order to meet the growing and changing requirements of the rapidly developing markets. This is how our partnership with the EMS Academy .

Digital influences have a major impact on the fitness industry. In addition, ecological and sustainable concepts are gaining in importance and slowly but surely can no longer be ignored as a decision criterion. Digitization and sustainability are two core challenges facing today’s companies. Modern digital, personalized and sustainable customer solutions are increasingly in demand. The EMS Academy is aware of this and is well prepared.


Digital training concepts. Modern. Sustainable. Efficient

The EMS Academy and the brezeasy team agree. Digital training concepts are highly scalable, resource-saving and effective. E-learning and blended learning enable companies to find innovative and flexible training solutions. You are always aligned with the issues of the time. With its wide range, e-learning is ideally suited to promoting a rethink in the direction of sustainable hygiene.

Modern and sustainable hygiene management with brezeasy. The customer of today and tomorrow.

The use of ecological alternatives for hygiene products in hygiene management is very important for EMS studios. As well as for micro studios or crossfit boxes. Therefore, the alignment of the concept along the needs structure must be guaranteed. That is why we orient ourselves towards current and future customers. The trend that can be seen here is towards environmentally conscious concepts. With brezeasy we meet this requirement. Because by using the brezeasy product range, the pollutant-containing textile hygiene products that are heavily discussed in the media can be efficiently exchanged.

“Pollutants have no place in customer-oriented services and irreversibly damage the environment. We provide companies that want to position themselves in a future-oriented manner with an ecological and, for the first time, economically feasible solution “, says Maximilian Maurer, owner of brezeasy) .

The brezeasy concept is based on the new needs of customers. At the same time, it supports entrepreneurs in building their business model sustainably and ecologically.

The image of a modern company is shaped by many factors. Sustainability and innovation are right at the forefront here. These two core issues concern every company. You decide on success or failure – especially in the future. Of course, the area of hygiene is only a small one, but the overall package matters more than ever before. With our disinfectants and cleaning products, you protect your customers from bad smells. And they can openly advertise and actively advocate environmental protection and customer protection.

Brezeasy is also able to optimize the cost center for hygiene products. Often, representatives of the “eco” division are too expensive. To be practicable and widely used. A normal market price is necessary for cleaning products – and that is exactly what brezeasy products offer.

Household cleaners or hygiene cleaners, on the other hand, potentially damage the equipment. First of all, there is heavy material wear. Then to expensive repairs or new investments.

“We have often seen window cleaners, kitchen cleaners or incompatible QAV and alcohol solutions that were used. There is a massive need for action. ”(Maximilian Maurer, owner brezeasy).


Good hygiene doesn’t have to be complicated.

With brezeasy, all requirements that exist in the EMS area are met. Material compatibility and user protection can finally be combined. In addition, the environment benefits from not using pollutants. A giant step for environmental protection. Because many small, optimized processes can make a big difference.

The area of action that a disinfectant needs for EMS studios and EMS vests is finally covered with brezeasy. Available solutions are often too small in the area of impact. They only neutralize odors or only work against bacteria. Fungi, spores and viruses are often forgotten. These remain outside and are not eliminated or the available products are too expensive.

The use of brezeasy to clean and disinfect Ems vests and Ems underwear works in the full area.

“We have worked for a long time on not having to compromise and on developing an uncompromising hygiene product line, ihen a hygiene concept in the Ems area must cover all areas. With brezeasy we succeeded. “

The challenge: communication. Mastered by the EMS Academy as a knowledge mediator.


“The EMS Academy accompanies and advises EMS Studios as the first specialized service provider in Germany. The complex requirement profile that customers place on today’s companies in the fitness industry is particularly in focus. We look forward to taking up the idea of sustainable textile hygiene and communicating it in our training courses in order to stimulate a rethink “, says Nico Gumlich, owner of the EMS Academy UG.

So what does goal-oriented online coaching depend on? Of practical and directly applicable content in day-to-day operations. The EMS Academy conveys precisely the content that can be used directly in the EMS Club for all areas relevant to EMS Studios, such as sales or customer service, in meaningful video modules.

“Education is like cycling – if you stop moving, you fall by the wayside. This is also the case in the EMS area. With our digital advanced training courses at the EMS Academy, we bring EMS studio operators up to date and fully understandable.