I-motion EMS Germany is the first official partner of brezeasy®

With i-motion EMS, brezeasy® proudly announces its first official partner in the textile hygiene segment for EMS-based training concepts.


“With i-motion EMS we have won one of the innovation leaders in the industry. The concept was presented to our team in detail by Mr. Christian Fiedler, the managing director for D / A / CH. “, says Maximilian Maurer, CEO of brezeasy®.

i-Motion clearly stands out from the competition thanks to its wireless vest technology via a high-performance controller and battery. The high-quality vest and electrode processing ensure a comfortable training. Especially when the training impulses are delivered, the comfort for the trainee is significantly increased. Unpleasant muscle pain during training is a thing of the past.

Even before the disinfection product brezeasy® was available on the market, Mr. Fiedler heard about the innovative product properties and sought direct contact.

“The rapidly changing needs in the fitness industry, as well as the increased awareness of customers for health-related topics, made it increasingly difficult for us to offer adequate hygiene solutions. brezeasy® is the big exception here. The longevity of our EMS equipment benefits immensely by completely avoiding harmful substances and alcohol. And of course our customers too, thanks to a gentler hygiene experience “, says Christian Fiedler, managing director of i-motion D / A / CH.

brezeasy® uncompromisingly combines the requirements of freedom from harmful substances and environmental friendliness with effectiveness and user-friendliness in the work process. With our company and the German branded product brezeasy®, we guarantee a consistently pleasant training environment. This results in a positive overall impression and brings absolute added value for partners who want to round off their overall concept.

“To help us achieve an even better concept with our modern hygiene products, such a strong and high-quality partner as I-motion EMS, makes us very proud,” says managing director Maximilian Maurer.