Why the right hygiene leads to the optimal customer experience in EMS studios

Well thought-out and functional hygiene is essential for an optimal customer experience in your EMS studio. With the products from brezeasy® you can always give your customers a high-quality and well-groomed impression. You no longer have to worry about bad smells and hidden germs in your EMS suits and other equipment in your EMS studio.


More than just a hygiene product:

The mere provision of a hygiene product is not enough for us. We see ourselves as a product supplier and service provider for our customers. All concepts and applications have been thought through and developed with our customers. In this way we provide you with the best possible product. The concept is provided with practical and helpful information that illuminates the subject of hygiene management in detail. An absolute added value for you and every EMS studio. We offer you our first post and the accompanying guide to help you shine. Because brezeasy® products are not just disinfectants and odor neutralizers that have been specially designed for EMS vests!

Our products are ideal for all concerns EMS studios . Protecting the environment in your studio is one of those concerns. Brezeasy® as a disinfectant and odor neutralizer is completely ecological and thus makes a major contribution to environmental protection. We specifically avoid pollutants and additives. Your customers will never come into contact with pollutants that can be irritating, such as “classic disinfectants” or a too strong-smelling cleaner – “textile freshener”. Our products are tailored to your needs and work exactly as necessary. Maximum hygiene without harmful additives or pollutants.

Positioning environmental protection correctly:

If you correctly position your hygiene management with an environmental factor in front of customers, you can also score massive points in terms of trust. With the products from brezeasy® and our provided knowledge and image material, you can position yourself as an excellent service provider who is always concerned with service and the optimal customer experience. Not to mention the advantages of a possible certification that cannot be dismissed out of hand. You will never again get into the embarrassing situation of cleaning your expensive vests with aggressive household cleaners full of radiant warning symbols directly in front of the customer and then placing them on the body of your customer. Our FAQ area and the blog will also give you everything you need to get the right share Eco-preneur to be incorporated into your company. Who wouldn’t like to score points here?

A place of health:

Your EMS studio is a place for sustainable and healthy training. In our opinion, classic cleaning agents and biocides have no place there. The example of a healthy lifestyle as a trainer, coach and excellent service should be in the foreground, and in no way be clouded by the use of brightly colored chemical clubs or their presence at work.

Profitability through less damage:

Based on numerous experience reports, we know that reaching for unsuitable household cleaners can cause massive damage to the vests. Thus, the risk of a replacement investment or expensive repairs is always a risk. The incorrect use of supposedly functioning cleaners can also lead to damage as soon as they are accidentally dosed incorrectly and / or can affect the high-quality materials without being observed. A state that is undesirable and is no longer allowed to exist in EMS studios. With the products from brezeasy® you reduce this risk of misuse to the highest possible minimum. As a studio operator, you can keep your EMS vests hygienically clean all year round and also look after newly trained staff with the task with a clear conscience.

A well thought-out concept that speaks for itself:

Our brezeasy® products not only look good next to your EMS vests and suits, they are also focused on the essentials. Maximum effectiveness in terms of disinfection and odor neutralization, with the best user-friendliness, thanks to the absence of harmful substances and additives. A sometimes unbeaten economic efficiency and versatility in use, combined with the convenient option directly online and as a B2B partner Our concept is characterized by an even cheaper order. In addition, the self-explanatory design of our products and appearances makes the statement clear: Modern and strong hygiene for textiles without any harmful substances to protect the environment – for you and your customers.